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About Counselling

More about Counselling and is it for you?

Would it help to know more about Counselling? Counselling is a talking therapy based on one person (the counsellor) giving time, space and opportunity to the other (the client). For the client, it is about being listened to and valued for the person that you are – even if you do not know who that is right now. 

The process involves the counsellor supporting you and encouraging you to share your thoughts and feelings. The idea is that over time you will learn who you really are and what you are truly about.

Each client uses the time differently. Some want to work on a specific issue such as problem-solving, self-esteem or decision making for example. Others may want more personal insight or to address inner conflict.

Whatever your reason for enquiring about counselling, you can expect respect, complete confidentiality and, a non-judgemental environment. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot expect to receive advice!

Counselling comes with no guarantees of a life-changing realisation that will make you live happily ever after – nor is it necessarily a ‘quick fix’!!  Sessions can be tough at times so counselling is not the ‘easy option’. It takes commitment,  investment and time from both parties.

What you can be assured of is the opportunity to open up and be listened to as you have probably never experienced before. You will have the chance to explore yourself and the experiences that have made you the person that you are today. You can take time to consider what you really want from life and how you are going to achieve it.

Where else can you expect to get someones undivided attention like this? Someone, to genuinely help you sort through your concerns and emotions without judging you?

See here for the Types of CounsellingTherapy that I offer.

What can I talk about in Counselling?

These are just examples of what you might talk about in your counselling. The list is endless so the main thing to remember is that you are an individual and you bring whatever is important to you

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Relax in quiet, discreet surroundings, Reflect on your issues in a calm
confidential environment, Rethink your situation and move forward
in a way that is right for you.

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