Counselling after Bereavement and Loss

Bereavement and Loss Counselling

Counselling for Bereavement and Loss

Losing someone close (or not so close!) is one of the most natural but painful emotions a person can experience. Everyone’s journey of bereavement and loss will be individual.

After a bereavement, people’s lives are changed forever. Often they not only lose the person but the future they planned or expected to be there. Instead, they have a great gaping hole. 

There are some theories about loss and what emotions you might experience as part of your grief, but there is no handbook that tells you how to do it. As such, neither is there a rule book that says how long it should take for you to ‘feel better’. What does ‘feeling better’ even mean?

If you have lost someone, you will have your own story to tell and your own emotions to express, whatever the circumstances. You might feel angry, cheated, depressed or fearful for example. 

You might be questioning your own mortality as a result or be left with a thought of ‘What’s the point?’ 

Memories of loss can be triggered at different life stages. Your loss doesn’t have to be recent for you to still feel the pain. You may notice new feelings or a resurgence, at different times in your life.

Whatever you are feeling it can be very difficult to share your grief with those closest for many reasons. Maybe you don’t want to upset them or they seem to be ‘moving on’, yet you feel you are not. 

Counselling offers you a safe environment to explore your feelings and thoughts around your loss. It allows you to share your memories from the past and your pain about the future whilst you try to process what has happened.

Pet Bereavement and Counselling

Counselling for Pet Bereavement

Counselling for Pet Bereavement and Loss

Your grief or bereavement does not have to relate to another human being. It might be that you have lost a trusted pet or animal. They too are a living being with a personality that brings pleasure, companionship and unconditional love. 

When losing a pet, the loss can be just as painful as losing another human being. 

You may feel your friends or family do not understand the depth of your pain, however, your Counsellor will not judge you. The sessions are for you to consider and share your experiences and be truly heard.

Whatever your encounter with bereavement involves, you can expect empathy, warmth and understanding from your Counsellor.

Relax in quiet, discreet surroundings, Reflect on your issues in a calm
confidential environment, Rethink your situation and move forward in
a way that is right for you.

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