FAQ & fees for Sam Horrocks Counselling

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FAQ & Fees for Sam Horrocks Counselling

There is no such thing as a ‘dumb’ question – if your question is not answered here on the FAQ & Fees page or elsewhere on the web site please contact me, I would be happy to respond.

Is my Counselling confidential?

You can expect complete confidentiality from your counsellor but there are a few exceptions to this:- If I feel you may cause harm to yourself or another person once you leave counselling then I may choose to break confidentiality.  If you tell me that you have caused harm to someone in the past tense this may also be an occasion where I would break confidentiality under child protection and vulnerable adult law.  I would always try to discuss this with you before hand.

As I adhere to the BACP ethical framework I may discuss in supervision the issues that you bring to counselling whilst respecting your confidentiality at all times.

How much will it cost?

Your first session – known as the introduction/contract session will last for 50 mins known as the Counselling Hour.  After that sessions are usually weekly for 50 mins.  All sessions are charged at a cost of £60 for individuals.  All fees are payable at the end of each session in cash or by cheque.

What if I need to cancel or I am late?

If you cancel a session within 48 hours of your appointment you will still be liable for the full fee.  If you are late for your appointment our session will still end at the same finishing time.

How many sessions will I need?

Every client is different so the amount of sessions needed varies too.  In your first session we will look at your needs and discuss a time frame.  There is a difference in the type of work that can be done in long term work (12 sessions plus) and in short term work (6-12 sessions) but I have experience in both and will be able to guide you in what is realistic in the time-frame you are comfortable with.

Where will I need to come?

The sessions are held at my private practice which is at my home address.  This is a very discreet cul-de-sac and allows for great anonymity and confidentiality.  You are welcome to park on my driveway if there is room or there is a small free parking bay opposite.  My practice is attached to the back of the house and has its own private entrance for clients to the left of the property.  For your first session please wait until your appointment time and ring the front door bell and I will show you around to the counselling room.

Please note that due to the location of the room there is no public toilet facilities and also you will need to negotiate a large step to enter.  Unfortunately I am unable to offer a waiting room.

My practice is located within access from Junction 9 on the M27 and making it reachable for clients from Fareham, Park Gate, Warsash, Whiteley, Titchfield, Stubbington, Locks Heath, Gosport and all surrounding areas.

4 Kites Croft Close, Titchfield Common, Fareham, Hants PO14 4QU. Click here for a map.

Coronavirus Covid 19 – what can you expect?

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, I have had to make a number of changes to the way that we will work together. I have added this information to help you understand what changes have been put into place and what you can expect:-

Before your session

  • All paperwork will be emailed to you to read and agree in advance to minimise and handling of papers/pens in the room.

Working in the Counselling Room

  • On your first session, I will meet you at the gate to the left of the property at your appointment time. After your initial assessment and if we agree to work together the gate will be open for you to come around to the garden or counselling room at your agreed time.
  • I will open the door to the counselling room for you each time you arrive and step back so you can enter and be seated. I will then close the door for you so there is no requirement for you to touch the handles. I will repeat in reverse at the end of your session.
  • The counselling room has been arranged to meet the current 2-metre social distancing rules. 
  • Hand sanitiser, wipes and spray will be available for you to use should you wish to at any point during your session. It is good practice to sanitise your hands when you enter where possible.
  • I have always left a gap between clients, this will continue and in between sessions all common surfaces will be disinfected and wiped down. Airflow will be encouraged with open windows etc. and the room will also be sprayed between clients with a disinfectant spray. (Please advise if this may cause you an issue).
  • Water, tissues, a selection of pens and paper will be available to you during the sessions and will be cleaned between uses, however, you may actually prefer to bring your own.
  • A coronavirus risk assessment will be carried out for each individual and will be discussed with you should there be any cause for concern.
  • There is no access to public toilet facilities.

Walk and Talk Counselling (May to October weather permitting)

  • It is possible to take your sessions outside where we walk and talk together (socially distanced) if you are interested in this please discuss it with me and request a walk and talk contract. Your initial/assessment session/s will always be in the Counselling room. You will find more information about this here.

Counselling in the Garden (May to October weather permitting)

  • This has been welcomed by a number of existing clients, please discuss it with me if you are interested in this option and refer to your contract for confidentiality etc.

Remote Sessions via Zoom/Whatsapp/Skype

  • The primary aim is for your counselling to be face to face, but on occasion, we may need to move your sessions to remote working. Please refer to your contract for guidance on how to manage your sessions from home.

I look forward to welcoming you.

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