Counselling for Confidence

Self Esteem, Confidence and Counselling

Counselling for Self Esteem or Low Confidence

Is low self esteem holding  you back from doing the things you want to do, achieving your full potential or even just saying the things you want to say? Lack of confidence can make daily life interactions really difficult and even torturous for some people. You might find that you have thoughts about not being good enough or that you compare yourself in a negative light to others, socialisation with others can feel really awkward.

Whilst it can be difficult to pinpoint why you might feel this way, it’s likely that over the years there will have been a number of contributing factors. It can start at an early age or your confidence can be lost after an event that impacted upon your life and ‘change’ is one of the biggest factors when a dip in confidence occurs – see my article here on the Change Curve. Whether you feel yours is a temporary lack of self-esteem, a crisis in confidence or whether you feel it’s something you have always struggled with, it’s never too late to start to address it and to learn to like yourself.

Counselling is an excellent environment to start to explore why you feel this way. It offers you the opportunity to address negative thought processes and core beliefs that feed this way of being. Maslow believed that with the right conditions in place everyone has the ability to become the person they want to be. With the support of your Counsellor you can start to understand what you need in order to achieve your full potential as a human being and to live that life of contentment that you deserve.

Relax in quiet, discreet surroundings, Reflect on your issues in a calm
confidential environment, Rethink your situation and move forward in
a way that is right for you.

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