Counselling for Relationships

Relationships and Counselling

Individual Counselling for Relationships

Whether its friendships, work colleagues, family members or partners, relationships can be a significant cause of distress.  As a social society it stands to reason that we are going to be around people for a percentage of our days but if you are being bullied, arguing or feeling upset by someone else’s behaviour it can lead to feelings of dis-empowerment, isolation, anger, anxiety, depression and more.

Counselling can be a safe place for you to really explore what is going on for you in your relationships and in particular help you to establish what your boundaries are.  Understanding yourself better can help you understand which relationships are healthy for you and which might not be, allowing you to make conscious choices about who you spend your time with.

Learning to express your wants, needs and boundaries in a relationship can be a real challenge, particularly if you are already stuck in a negative pattern or cycle with that person.  Whilst we do not have any control over other people’s behaviour, we do have control of our own (though it might not always feel like it), by changing your behaviour it can often promote a different response from the other person and break the negative pattern.  Counselling is a great way to help you tap into your assertiveness and learn to get your message across in a way that is comfortable with your personality and your style.

Couples can often find it useful to attend Couples or Relationship Counselling together to address the difficulties that form between them (this is not something that I offer).  A point to note here is that it can be very useful to have some individual Counselling before you embark on Couples Therapy to help you establish what is really going on for you and empower you to express yourself clearly.

Relax in quiet, discreet surroundings, Reflect on your issues in a calm
confidential environment, Rethink your situation and move forward in
a way that is right for you.

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