Sam Horrocks Counselling in 2015

Its ages since I have written for the the blog so I thought I would do a general update of recent goings on.  Where does the time go?

Last month saw one of the CIS’ters (Childhood Incest Survivors) conferences about working together to stop child abuse.  The charity which has been running for many years now offers support to adults who have survived childhood sexual abuse.  The day involved great speakers including the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire, a representative of Hampshire Police, Southampton Rape Crisis and among others, Tom Perry who is campaigning tirelessly for reporting to become mandatory in child protection.  Certainly these guys provided a lot to think about.  CIS’ters also embraces its users to help support others and I have to say the stars of the day were those women (of all ages) who got up and told their survival stories to the audience. Well done ladies – at times there was certainly not a dry eye in the house as they say.

Some of you know that I attend a few networking events in the area and one that I am particularly fond of is Peak Focus run by the great Liz Kelly.  Each month she invites someone from the group or outside to engage with us for both business and personal development. August is always a funny month for networking as many people are on leave or off with kids so when Liz asked for a volunteer to run the group I decided it would be a nice size to perhaps share some of the creativity I use when Counselling.  We started with a game of Jenga with a difference – each block has a question about you on it so we learned a lot about each other in that game and as you can see from the pics above it was taken very seriously at times.  We then went on to create a personal mandala each, something that we shared with each other during this getting to know you session.  Feedback from the group was positive and it was great to be able to share some of the tools of the trade with such engaging participants so a big thank you to Peak Focus.

One of my goals this year has been to read much more, something I don’t think I make enough time for.  My most recent read was a book called Banish Clutter Forever by Sheila Chandra.  As a person who feels I need to declutter and who is also who keeps things ‘just in case’, I do love the principle of this book.  Whilst it gives great practical advice on how to create zones for all your belongings and it gives you rules to use to you help clear out, it does not ignore the emotional attachments that encourage us to hang on to ‘stuff’.  There are many reasons why we own ‘things’ and may find it hard to let them go but Sheila is right in what she says about your house being one of the most expensive places to store items when you price it up by the square metre.  I learned a lot about myself from her insights, definitely a good read so I have added it to my suggested reading page here if you are interested.

Well that is just a few things that have been happening in my world recently.  I have of course been kept very busy by my lovely clients each week without whom Sam Horrocks Counselling wouldn’t exist.