Fostering And Adoption week

As well as the National Adoption week in November, Banardos, one of the leading Adoption and Fostering Agencies runs its own Fostering and Adoption week. This year it is this week 13th -19th of January 2014. The title of this year’s campaign is ‘Create my memories’ where Banardos are encouraging members of the public to recount some of their childhood memories. They are then being invited to think about whether they are able to foster or adopt and help create memories for those children who need a home.

There has been a big drive to target the continuous rise in children within the care system over the last 12 months. The figures for children in care have risen for the 7th year in a row meaning there are more than 90,000 children in the system and 8,600 Foster Carers urgently needed.

This years campaign is being backed by the likes of Joanna Lumley, Twiggy and Dame Helen Mirren in order to raise its profile. These celebrities have provided childhood pictures that are going to be projected onto some of the busiest shopping streets in the UK to help with awareness.

Whilst the process of applying for Adoption or Fostering can be quite in-depth, the rewards and training can be fantastic and great for self-development. If you are thinking you might like to consider Adoption or Fostering and want to talk it through with someone Counselling is a good place to start. You may want to talk about the implications upon you and your family, any self-doubts you might have or you may just want to explore it as the next step in your life.  In 2005 the Childrens Act was changed to say that if you want to talk about issues relating Adoption in your Counselling then your Counsellor must be Adoption Trained. For more information about Adoption Focused Counselling see here.