Domestic Abuse increases at Christmas Time

It’s no surprise to hear that Domestic Abuse increases at Christmas and New Year, it can sometimes rise as much as 30%. Whilst for many it is a time of relaxation and joy spent with the family, for others it is a very different story. The intensity of being around each other for long periods of time, the media pressure to have a perfect Christmas and feeling irritable after overindulgence are enough to make anyone’s temper flare but for some this goes much further.

Hampshire Domestic Abuse Forum works hard throughout the year to try to provide help, support and safety to the families suffering sexual, emotional, financial and physical abuse. They know the risks increase to both men and women over the Christmas period and they want people to know the support is out there. They work in conjunction with organisations such as Womens Aid to provide 24/7 help and support if you or someone you know needs it. The Womens Aid web site has information about how to keep yourself safe and to cover your tracks – Christmas does not have to be a time of dread for you or your family!  This website here has information about the services available to you within the Hampshire area, don’t hesitate to give them a call if you need help, support or advice.  In an emergency always dial 999.