Communicating with Teenagers

Communicating with Teenagers is one of the issues that I often get asked about. When communication develops into unhealthy patterns and cycles it can lead to relationship breakdown. Have you ever felt like you have tried everything but it still ends up in a row or complete disengagement? Or perhaps you feel you want to be supportive and helpful but that gets misinterpreted as you not understanding or being nosey? Then you know exactly what I am talking about!

Parents get it tough, but it can also be incredibly daunting for step parents trying to form a relationship with step teens. I am often told by people that they don’t know how to talk to teenagers having not had any of their own. This is before we throw into the mix personal values like different standards, house rules and expectations  and how they match up to those of your partner and the family you are joining.

Counselling can be a positive way to start to address your personal concerns and difficulties within your family. Once relationships get stuck in a pattern it can be difficult to break free but Counselling can help you address your ‘contribution’ to the pattern. By changing your behaviour, you break the cycle and the other person offers a different response thus facilitating change. Counselling is a private confidential space for you to explore your patterns. For more about relationships see here. Communication is a learned skill and everyone has the ability to learn given the right conditions.

I also want to share with you  that a friend of mine Anne Lamerton is running a Communicating with Teenagers group course local to the Fareham area. The course aims to help you identify unhealthy communication patterns that you may be stuck in and reflect on the problems you have. With the support of Anne and the group you will learn new powerful communication skills to help you build that relationship with your teenager that you want.

For Annes contact details and details of the course which starts in September see here Communicating with teenagers September 2014 course