Counselling for Miscarriage

Website Mumsnet has published a survey relating to the treatment, support and lack of counselling for miscarriage for women in the UK. They feel the survey shows that the treatment and the support that women receive simply does not meet their needs.  According to the report, 46% of the women surveyed had to wait more than 24 hours for a scan to see if their baby was still alive with 18% waiting longer than three days.

58% of the 1,065 women surveyed wanted Counselling for their miscarriage but only 12% were offered it. One Mumsnet user has shared how she had to wait 6 months for her Counselling leaving her feeling like she lost 6 months of her life as she struggled to cope during that time. For more information on the Miscarriage Care Campaign see here.

You can read more here about the survey and its results. Miscarriage is a significant loss for any woman at any stage, feel free to contact me if you would like to consider Counselling for miscarriage.