Finally – provision for Adoption Counselling

In a recent survey by Adoption UK focusing on families after adoption, 81% of Adoptive parents said their support needs were identified yet only 56% feel they were given the support they needed. Over half of the adoptive parents surveyed were identified as needing therapeutic services (i.e. adoption counselling) but only 28% reported that their adoption agency provided them!

Therapeutic services includes Counselling, play therapy, music therapy, cognitive therapy and attachment based therapy and is very different than the services that are provided by social workers. Therapeutic Counselling should be provided by a Counsellor who is specifically registered as an Adoption Approved Counsellor and who has undergone the appropriate training.

The good news is that the Government has plans for a new Adoption Support Fund to be rolled out in 2015 to support Therapeutic intervention for Adoptive Families. This is great news for those families who things don’t quite go to plan after adoption.

More information about the adoption support fund here and a link to the Hampshire County Council page here.

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